What is Morality?

One visit to employment agency got me to question morality after the lady who taught us how to write CV asked me what I did in Yemen and when I told her that I was teaching yoga then she asked if only to women considering your dress-code and I said “yes only to women but even among women we do not show our body.” As I always feel I must explain myself and defend Islam I added that “well I have always been moral even before Islam (I had already told her that I have been a Muslim for 3 years just to show her that once faith enters heart what was normal is longer normal).”  We got into the topic of freedom and free will also. When I told her that I am free being dressed like this then she had to say that she is free too.


Also earlier when the class began she had to say loudly that everybody was in the class yesterday except Angelika. At the moment I did not think about her way of saying it but after having the conversation with her and finding out her attitude toward covered women and her way of just making statements but refusing to really listen to what I have to say. She even tried to tell me that there is no such thing as sins, then got into how the church oppressed people and how Sweden used to be like that too back in the days when it was a shame to have a child outside of marriage.

I told her that Buddhism is closer to Islam than Christianity and Judaism in some ways and that I also read Taoism because when I said there is lots of wisdom with Islam and I love Islam then she said but Buddhism has lots of wisdom too. I wanted so badly to say that Islam is the complete system holding on to all good from all religions and leaving the bad as it is the last religion and Muhammad peace be upon him is the last prophet but no point talking to somebody who does not listen. She tried to tell me that there is nothing wrong with sexual pleasure – no shame and I told her that Islam is not against sex like Christianity but she was into her own world. I wanted to tell her that marriage is half the religion in Islam so isolation is not allowed in Islam. Actually it is easier to worship God the All-Mighty when married and having ones physical needs satisfied, so it is recommended to get married. She tried to tell me that life is just about living here and now – enjoy life. Again I tried to explain to her that exactly true believers – true Muslims are very happy to live life and they for sure live in the here and now because they are very aware of the fact that there may not be a tomorrow – that death can come at any moment but she did not listen.

So anyhow when I said “I have always had strong morality” she asked me what morality is. I knew what she was trying to get at it – either to say there is no morality or it is what one makes it too or that one can be moral without covering up. Always I do not know what to say but that did not matter because she did not listen anyway but this question bothered me for the rest of day and so late night my hand took the pen and began writing.


Morality is to know what is right and wrong – just ask your soul for the answer because the soul, our inner deeper voice knows for example that it is wrong to kill and our inner self want to settle down with one partner. Sweden is actually practising Islam in many ways regarding honesty, loyalty, punctuality, trying to stick to a relationship as long as possible so do not tell me that there is something wrong with giving oneself to one person.


You asked this question as if you already have the answer and your answer is the right one that either there is no morality or more likely morality is what you make out of it. Whatever you think about it, your way of asking was to say to me that I should wake up and literally laughed at my view of morality although I did not get to express myself nor would you have listened.


Well the problem with asking our soul is that we have difficulty trusting our inner voice if we even can hear it from all sins… Yes there is such a thing as sins because a sin is the same thing as a broken rule-law and all societies/cultures in the world have a system of rules, so you cannot escape following some sort of rules and regulations except I you decide to break the law that punishes murder and decide to kill – play God and take life from a human being.


However there is a great difference between manmade rules and divine rules. The laws that mankind create change over time when somebody received a gift from God – extra intelligence to figure out the flaws in a particular law and theory, while divine rules such as the ten commandments never change but rather stay the same like a solid tree, unmoved. No matter what weather it is or time period – generation, divine rules remain unchanged as if they are firmly built into our heart and soul.


We just know its wrong to kill, cheat, steal, backbite, oppress, disrespect etc – we know it when we feel guilty for our behaviour – a sign that our spiritual heart is still alive. We just know or our soul, inner voice knows that’s why we react to powerfully to the news of incest, murder, finding out one’s husband or wife have kissed another…


What is normal? Following the majority of people and opinion…Most of the time majority of opinion does not hold on to the truth.


As it is natural to submit to something we as human beings – God’s creation will submit either to a human being, cow, natural phenomena like the sun or moon, a picture, a statue, idols or our desires – our ego, if we do not submit to the one and only Creator of everything.


So it is just  to use the free will wisely thus free will is a gift from God but also a tool for our Creator to test us. We must consider what is better and healthier to submit – consider the consequences of submitting to creation and consequences of submitting to our Creator who knows us better than we know ourselves.


Question your life and surroundings. Do not follow people but follow your inner voice – true self is all I can say right now and that will be my way of ending this article focusing on morality. May be hard to listen to that deep voice from within when we are surrounded by whisperings from people…


Time up so I am leaving you with these words that my hands have been writing today.






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